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 *** Policy Updated on 11/20/18

The Wade Care Warranty Program

Wade Care covers anything that happens to your Wade rod or Pelican reel while you have an active subscription with us. Snap it in a car window? Run over it with the same car? Covered. This applies to any rod or reel, purchased at any time in the past, as long as you have an active subscription with us.

So if you have a rod subscription now for the Nymphster, and in five years from now have a subscription for a different rod model, and your five-year old Nymphster gets caught in an unfortunate freak car door accident, it’s covered. Make sense?

Simply send the rod back to us and we’ll fix it or replace it and turn it back around to you ASAP for $39+S/H.

If you choose not to renew your subscription, or it otherwise expires, our warranty program is very simple. We will replace or repair any rod or reel that is out of warranty for $59 + S/H (see below) 

What if I paid in full for the rod, without a subscription?

If you bought a rod or reel without a subscription, or purchased from our HQ or www.postflybox,com, the rod is covered by our 5 year warranty program. We will replace or repair any Wade Rod or Pelican Reel that has gone out of warranty for $59 + S/H. Just ship your gear back to us with your name, email address and physical address and we will turn your repaired or replacement gear around ASAP!

What is your return policy? 

Every Wade Rod and Pelican Reel purchased from our site comes with a 30-Day Love It or Leave It Guarantee. If you don't love your new gear, just send it back to us in like-new condition for a refund. We will not accept rods and reels that have been heavily used, scratched, or if the cellophane has been removed from the rod handle.